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    To provide quality staff and equipment along with a safe environment where children can be happy, healthy and educated, inclusive of ages 2 years 9 months to 7 years old.








          Arts & Crafts

  The care and education of developing pre-school/kindergarten children is a common goal between Patti-Cake Day Care Center and our children’s parents. This forms the bridge between the home and school/center. Involvement and cooperation of all concerned in this program is greatly emphasized.

    Young children coming to our center are in a formative stages therefore impressions they receive are vivid and tend to be lasting ones. The condition of our facility along with the experiences and staff provided to them are vitally important.

     Therefore, Patti-Cake’s Curriculum for today's children must reflect the world of today helping children in the future. The program at Patti-Cake will be to foster the needs of a child's growth and development intellectually, emotionally socially and physically by projecting several different types of curriculum models and applying the best motivating aspect of each to them achieve a specific goal, with hands on experience.



    Teachers are all state certified/college graduates and professionals the field of Early Childhood Education. Continuously throughout the year, staff attend courses/training/ meetings to keep our program in high standards. All staff are trained in CPR and first aid for infants and children. Staff enjoy both warm an meaningful relationships with our children, while skillfully enchanting children’s development.

  Program Features

Foreign Languages and diverse cultures
Bilingual program in Spanish/Italian & English.
Introduction to Computers and computerized
    learning programs.
Talking about touching curriculum and from 
   Strangers Stay Away, emphasized by Patch the
   Pony films, latch-key children's films, fire  
   awareness reinforced with hands on materials and
   other films.
Large fully equipped playground, enhancing a well
    rounded program.
Daily expression of language through conversations
     around art, music, motor activities, and
     throughout the daily program.
Field trips are frequently planned throughout the
     year to reinforce curriculum: IE, community
    awareness, farm, museums, zoo, ect.......
Science is interwoven daily throughout our
    curriculum, further enrichment programs, 
    throughout the year involve specialists in art,
    music, science, gymnastics,  magic, ect........
 Creativity/Individualism in curriculum and program


Trip to the Farm

Swimming at the Pool


Physical Development (Gross and Fine Motor)
   Large and small muscle development through indoor/outdoor activity with manipulation of all the equipment. Body movement, organized games playing ball (basketball outdoors) dramatic play, block play and music, art (pasting, cutting, gluing with diff textures of materials, water and sand play, ect......

Social Development
Sharing conversation during large an small group activities, listening skills, poetry, skits/plays performed, emphasizing manners, self-discipline, health and hygiene, along with self help skills.

Emotional Development
  Assuming responsibilities, initiative, leadership, problem solving, and sharing, ect.

Bilingual Cognitive Development
   Number concepts, alphabet recitation, recognition, reproducing (printing), Phonics, colors, size, shapes, textures, days of the week, months of the year, animals, cooking/gardening, ect...

              Oral Expression
                 Singing rhythm band, poetry, free choice, conversation, interactions skits, puppetry, flannel board stories/manipulations, books, films.

                Science Emphasis
                   Experimenting with cooking, planting, seasons, weather, solar
system, electricity, geography of different cultures.

               Personal Awareness
                  Healthy habits, Nutrition, habitants, body growth and development, measuring and grafting.

                    Open-ended crafts, projects, painting, clay manipulation-cutting-gluing  and open-ended collage.

                 Unit Themes
                      Seasons, community awareness, holidays of diverse cultures.

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